Hollywood (ft. Penguin Prison) || RAC [Buy]

I’ve been obsessed with this album recently.

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Gold || Sir Sly [Buy]

Gold   Sir Sly   good music   

Every Time I Fall || Holychild [Buy]

Breaking Up My Bones || Vinyl Theatre [Buy]

Tunnel Vision || Tokyo Police Club [Buy]

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Sunday Morning || Maroon 5 [Buy]
I would gladly hit the road, get up and go, if I knew that someday it would lead me back to you.

Guess who I’m seeing tonight?!

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Control || Broken Bells [Buy]
Even though it felt so right, nothing’s permanent in life. So it’s useless to hold on so tight.

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Be Reasonable, Diane || Speak

For some reason I think of Ra Ra Riot when I hear this song.

I Might Survive || Architecture in Helsinki [Buy]

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Savior (ft. Wes Miles) || The Knocks [Buy]

Erosion || Cymbals [Buy]
Getting away, I’m an ocean, like dust in motion.

Say You’ll Be There (Spice Girls Cover) || [Buy]

When I downloaded this song, I didn’t realize that it was a Spice Girls cover. So when I first listened to it, I was just kept thinking to myself ‘Why do I recognize this song?’

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Destroy You || The Filthy Souls [Buy]

Young Hearts || Strange Talk [Buy]
Remember all the memories and every little fantasy, careless about destiny.

Tear You Down (ft. Alex Ebert) || RAC [Buy]

I just want to bob my head back and forth when I hear this song.